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Musk Melon By Sam Horn

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Sam Horn

Musk Melons, or cantaloupes, are a melon plant that need warm, moist, and nutritious soil. For best growth, they should be grown around three feet between each other, because of their sprawling. They should be grown in mid to late spring, so that it will not die from the threat of cold. After growing for 80-90 days, the melons will begin turning yellow, and the stems grow brown. Soil should be watered enough to be moist, but not soggy and directed toward the soil - not the leaves. They should get plenty of sunlight, and be in direct outside contact.

When the melons have fully matured and are ready to be harvested, here are some ways to use the fruit. They may be cut into cubes or slices, and easily enjoyed fresh. They can also be added to fruit salads with berries and such for a sweet fruity treat. Seeds of the fruit can be roasted and eaten as a snack, or the fruit could be pureed into a smoothie or cantaloupe soup.

The musk melon was introduced to Europe in the 1400’s, coming from areas in the middle-east like Egypt. Europe has been growing it since because of the its sweetness.

Interestingly, coyotes do eat cantaloupes! It could be their fondness of the cantaloupe’s taste, but other animals like squirrels, chipmunks, and deer also eat this fruit. 90% of cantaloupes are grown in California, Texas, and Arizona. They are largely eaten in the United States, and are the most popular melon too.

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